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828EVO Internet gateway

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Internet gateway
MyQ, for LM60/80/100EVO

  • Price
: € 83,60
  • Units
: piece (1)
  • Full package quantity
: 1
  • Weight/unit
: 0,2kg
  • Spec (W / SS)
: Part of RSC and Evolution
  • Material
: Plastic
  • Marking
: Liftmaster
  • Application
: Wondering if you did close the garage door when you left home this morning, is now history. With the MyQ internet gateway you can monitor and operate the garage door, gate or other devices from anywhere via a computer or with your smart phone.
  • Function
: For MyQ enabled garage door openers like LM60EVO, LM80EVO, LM100EVO, in combination with IR-sensors 770E
  • CE-safety
: ITTR FlexiForce
  • Group code
: E
  • Usage
: Residential
  • Availability


product image product drawing product example

product image preview
Push button
wireless, 2 channel
product image preview
wireless, weatherproof
product image preview
Protection system
photocell, IR
product image preview
wired, 24V, integrated card reader
product image preview
Garage door opener
650N, 24DC, incl. 2 remote controls, push button

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