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forceIQ-230 Control box

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Control box
230V, 1-phase, visual display

  • Price
: € 299,00
  • Units
: piece (1)
  • Full package quantity
: 1
  • Action
: Universal control unit for all door types, repairing, upgrading, replacing, automizing, any type/brand op motor-unit.
  • Configuration
: Languages: DE, NL, ES, IT, FR, SE, GB, PL. Output 24VDC for accessories.
  • Marking
: forceIQ-230
  • Application
: Many situations call for controllers-only: repair of defective operators, upgrade from hold-to-run to automatic, making existing operators compatible with new ones. forceIQ is universal for high-speed doors, sectional doors, docking systems and plug-'n-play recognition to accessories.
  • Function
: Visual communication! A control system telling what to know, when to know it. In words. In your own language! On a modern, back lighted display.
  • CE-safety
: ITTR-CE FlexiForce
  • Usage
: Industrial
  • Availability


product image product drawing product example

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