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LM130EVO30 Garage door opener

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Garage door opener
1300N, incl. 2 remote controls, push button

  • Price
: € 580,00
  • Units
: piece (1)
  • Full package quantity
: 1
  • Weight/unit
: 20kg
  • Spec (W / SS)
: Integrate Evolution with FlexiForce RSC hardware system!
  • Action
: The kit contains the nice design motor LM130EVO, belt-drawbar 8030CR5, wireless push button 128EVO, 2 x 4-channel remotes TX4UNI and photocells for additional safety. MyQ enabled for monitor/operate via internet. In sophisticated packaging.
  • Configuration
: DC, 230-240V/50Hz. 0.8W stand-by power. Door speed: 130mm/s.
  • Marking
: Liftmaster, world nr 1 in garage door openers!
  • Max. door weight
: 225kg
  • Max. performance
: 1300N, H=2750mm
  • Application
: EVOLUTION, combines sophisticated design with innovative technology. High door speed, low noise level, energy efficiency (0,8W standby), easy programming, soft-start soft-stop. Automatic setting of limits.
  • Function
: Low noise operation and maintenance-free life span are the advantages of belt driven draw-bars. The LM130EVO is the solution for larger residential or small commercial doors.
  • Group code
: E
  • Usage
: Residential
  • Availability


product image product drawing product example

product image preview
Angle bracket operator
drawbar connection, adjustable
product image preview
wireless, weatherproof
product image preview
Internet gateway
MyQ, for LM60/80/100EVO
product image preview
Garage door monitor
for LM60/80/100EVO
product image preview
Garage door opener
800N, 24DC, incl. 2 remote controls, push button

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