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LED-BAR-R LED warning light

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LED warning light
red flashing, bottom section

  • Price
: € 99,50
  • Units
: set (1)
  • Full package quantity
: 1
  • Weight/unit
: 0,20kg
  • Action
: incl 7-core spiral cord
  • Material
: Plastic
  • Configuration
: The set contains the LED light, fixation material and 7-core spiral cord.
  • Application
: Protective LED flash light for bottom sections of industrial doors. Preventing damage from fork lift trucks. Manual available.
  • Function
: An ideal up-sell for service mechanics on-site, the end user will gladly do the investment. Light flashes when door opens or closes. Connect to operator control box.
  • Group code
: E
  • Usage
: Industrial, residential
  • Availability


product image product drawing product example

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