A pass door is convenient as you do not need to open the full overhead door if you only want to walk into the garage or building. FlexiForce developed a state-of-the-art pass door system: the SafeStep.

FlexiForce developed a state-of-the-art pass door system, SafeStep, which was well received in the European door market. As pass doors are all about convenience and smart design we wanted to create a system to fit those needs exactly.

We also wanted to keep in mind that pass doors can be very energy efficient as they keep the temperature up in the building  as you don’t have to open the full door. And finally we also incorporated a nice, modern design for the pass door so they look as one with the overhead door and do not disturb the overal look and feel.

Our SafeStep system is being continuously updated and upgraded. Not only on easier production, easier  installation, more effective door heights, but also through a continuously widening range of accessories like push bars, locks, wireless protection, etc.

Suitable for any door

Specific products voor both <3000mm and >3000mm doors

The SafeStep is widely applicable and is suitable for almost every single overhead door you can imagine. For single garage doors, the low threshold of SafeStep is combined with a top reinforcement profile, allowing a maximal pass door height. The full door height is a pass door.

For doors wider than 3.000mm, the strength in the top panel comes from cutting out the pass door in the panel and reinforce the panel with a 80PS-.. reinforcement profile. This allows the application of SafeStep pass doors up to a door width of 5.000mm. The location of the pass door in the door is, within limits, freely selectable.

We even have a specific solution for industrial doors were non-fingersafe panels are used more often. In those cases the pass door becomes more simple. Our 1034KIT industrial pass door kit offers all the profiles needed to make an industrial pass door. Even in existing and installed overhead doors! Many customers combine this proven pass door also on industrial doors, with the convenience of a low threshold.

SideStep, DoubleStep

Even more options for pass door systems

Based on the key-features of SafeStep, we offer the option of creating also a side entrance door, SideStep. In- and outwards turning, with the same range of locks and accessories as available in SafeStep. Side-entrance door are a growing market in Europe, so now you can tap into that market easily with SideStep.

Extending that line, resulted in DoubleStep. A double opening swing door system. Just as with SideStep, you can make this door by adding only few extra components to your SafeStep range.


Everything to fit your specific needs

FlexiForce offers a full range of accessories for pass doors. Like multipoint locks, grips, door pushers, panic bars, rain profile, wireless, and wired pass door protection switches. Through these accessoires we offer you everything you need to make a pass door fit your unique needs. For a full overview of all pass door parts and accessoires please take a look in our catalogue.

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Want to know more about our pass door parts and what we can do for you? Please don’t hesitate to send us a message or give us a call!

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