Force, our most advanced line of industrial door openers translates state-of-art technology to simple, intuitive use for people whom daily operate, install and maintain industrial doors.

FlexiForce has taken industrial door automation to the next level by re-thinking functions, application, daily use and after-sales of both motor and control. The need for one universal door control system for every door type, from sectional doors to high speed doors and docking systems. Why? It would lead to significant savings in time and cost during installation, maintenance and repair.

The result? A new industrial product range: 140Nm, 100Nm and 70Nm gear motors with integrated forceIQ control system. Core factor in this intuitive use is forceIQ! A control system that tells you what you need to know, when you need to know it. In words, in your own language. ForceIQ is the universal, smart control unit for force70, force100 and force140 industrial door openers.

Knowing that the control system would be really advanced compared to anything in the market itself. The motor unit is “Made in Germany”, out of high quality materials and technology that has proven to be the best in class. For example, the encoder, typically a very important part of the reliability of the door opener, is made by Kostal. Ensured, proven quality! Furthermore, a choice for a quick release (XQ) or chain release (XC) mechanism and pre-wiring to the forceIQ control box. In other words, worry-free! today, we decided to opt for high quality and durable performance in designing the motor gear unit.

More good news is that forceIQ is applicable on almost any possible operator brand available in the market today. For after sales repair this means that forceIQ can replace any expensive OEM control system. This opens up unlimited opportunities for growing your after sales business!

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Force all-in-one packaging

Everything you need in one convenient box

To make sure you have everything you need in one convenient packaging the motor unit and forceIQ control box are delivered to you in a customizable box with:

  • Release mechanism
  • Electronic limit switches
  • CEE plug
  • Pre-wiring between motor and control
  • Wall installation bracket
  • Fixation material
  • Chain 5 meter (force100XC only)
  • Clear installation manual including CE-declarations
  • Small “force” booklet for accessory upgrading

The units as well as the packaging and manuals are all “force” branded in a new and fresh design. But, without a direct link to FlexiForce! This will help you to grab the opportunity that a clear after sales strategy will provide to you. Spare parts, maintenance contracts, door upgrades and repairs can be coming your way, reinforced by the recognizable force-branding. In fact, adding your phone number or website details to the cover will lead customers back to you after the sales and installation.

Initial Type Testing Report

Full ITTR without the hassle

The force70/100140 line of products has conquered the most severe life-span testing and operational tests as well as for example electro-magnetic interference immunity tests. All mandated peak-force and security tests have been passed. All force-products are included in our Initial Type Testing Report (ITTR) in combination with FlexiForce ISC hardware systems. Please contact us to learn how you can obtain this report in your name

Force Accessoires

Complete your offering!

Complete your offering to the end user with our complete line of force accessories. Cable sets, loop detector kit, light curtains, traffic lights, hand transmitters, receivers and different safety edge systems. Available in stock from all FlexiForce warehouses!

FlexiForce FORCE Industrial Automation Product Brochure

Read online, or save for later!

Please find our FORCE Industrial Automation brochure below with even more information, technical details and images of the Industrial Automation product range. Brochure only available in English. If other languages are needed please contact us.

Want to know more about our force line and industrial automation products? Please don’t hesitate to send us a message or give us call!

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