Our online configuration tools offer a range of unique methodes to quickly and easily order hardware sets and springs for any door. Simply fill in the required information and your preferences and we automatically put together what you need for own assembly or for ordering directly from FlexiForce.


RSC Create is a configuration tool for door producers who quickly and accurately want to calculate specific hardware components or sets. Create provides a built-in panel configuration and selector, all hardware parts and systems in the FlexiForce range, and of course plenty of garage door openers and accessoires.


ISC Create can be used to configure and order dedicated industrial hardware sets at FlexiForce. By selecting the required features, such as door measurements and shaft configuration, you can easily configure the hardware set you need. Complete your hardware set with a installation manual, production instructions and packing list.


New at FlexiForce: our U-value calculator for door configurations. Simply fill in the required features of your door, and our tool calculates a validated U-value. Complete with SP/RiSE report, available to download in PDF format.


SpringForce is our unique spring calculation and configuration tool, providing you with the best possible spring for your door. All our new calculations were intensively tested and backed-up by our partner IST (Institute of Spring Technology) in the UK. With SpringForce, spring selection is easy and quick: simply fill in the requested information and we immediately calculate the required spring.

Of course, we are willing at all times to support or help you where needed in using these configuration tools. Contact your local sales department if you have any questions.

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