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“Once Frans Meijer decided to start producing torsion springs, FlexiForce soon came up with the concept of shot peening the springs, increasing the lifespan with 40%. Coating in RAL5014 (blue-grey) gave these springs their signature appearance and market recognition. The sales volume exploded.”

As a European market leader in the production of torsion springs, we produce over 600.000 springs per year, of which 70% are pre-assembled. In 1997 the production started on a modern production line, which was designed specifically for the purpose of making torsion springs. An extra service was the production of produced-to-size springs, so called ‘fix springs’ which reduces scrap, lowers inventory in standard lengths and provides the economic gains of high-volume production. About two years later we expanded the product range to include shot peened and powder-coated springs, the famous grey-blue FlexiForce springs.



  • The raw material for the spring wire has to be cooled down from approximately 1000°C. This is done with forced air, sometimes also called Stel more treatment. The wire applies to EN-standards.


  • The spring wire is de-coiled and entered into a spring winding machine, where hard steel ‘fingers’ force the wire in the windings of a spring. The computer driven machines know exactly which spring force, tensions and diameter to give to the wire. It provides the opportunity to produce each springs on the exact needed size, without cutting loss.


  • After winding, the spring is entered into the shot peening installation. Shot peening is a process in which the springs is exposed to the assault of hundreds of small round bullets at a speed of 300km/h, in a blasting installation. This process makes the outer surface of the spring more compact, and flattens out any cracks and dents. This results in less surface tensions stress of the wire. Shot peening increases spring lifespan by more than 40%!
  • After the springs have been shot peened. the blue-grey powder coating protects them from rusting. The coating is applied electrostatically which ensures constant quality.


  • Cold-forming the spring wire to torsion springs disturbs the tensile direction of the steel molecules. Heat treatment in the oven, so-called relief, restores the molecules, giving the spring steel the features required for optimal tensions and lifetime. The high quality characteristics of FlexiForce springs during their complete life-span are determined largely by this temperature treatment.


  • After the temperature treatment, springs move into the assembly department, where spring fittings are hydraulically inserted and fixed into the springs. For springs with a inside diameter of 95mm or 152mm, a spring filler is inserted. After assembly, the springs are automatically provided with a red (right springs) or yellow (left springs) tensioning stripe that allows the fitter to quickly recognize the spring and the number of turns during the installation. After striping the spring is packed in plastic and labeled with a unique ID.


SpringForce is our software model that can easily calculate the correct springs for a door. For the calculation of springs, the following input is needed:

  • Days-opening (width x height of the door)
  • Door weight including hardware and accessories
  • Weight of the bottom section
  • Type of lifting system
  • Vertical/horizontal weight
  • Number of springs and type (poweder coated, galvanized, black)
  • Demanded lifespan (i.e. 20.000 cycles)

Visit our website to learn more about SpringForce.


It’s SPRINGTIME on your mobile! Our app SpringTime is specially developed for overhead door installers, service mechanics and repair companies. The app is updated regularly and provides an easy identification of torsion springs, information on service tools and products, a list of up-sell products and more. SpringTime plays a vital role in identifying a spring that needs to be replaced, and it provides a direct ordering line to FlexiForce.

Download the app for free on Google Play Store and the iPhone App Store!

To see more of our know-how on torsion springs, take a look at the video below:


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