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“After several years of finetuning our residential hardware system approach, with RSC we introduced a residential system that allowed customers a choice in almost unlimited configurations. Buying components, track sets or even complete hardware sets in flatbed packaging.”

To be successful in offering residential garage doors in today’s market is a challenge. As in many markets, consumers are harder to segment and are less likely to want a standard product. In our opinion, the real business in garage doors is no longer in selling a standard low priced door. A consumer is willing to pay a lot more for his door if your offer is in line with his need for convenience (automation), design, sustainability, safety and security. After all, an investment in a door is an investment in their home.

However, as a result of this, the variations in door systems, colors, designs and accessories increase tremendously. This trend is especially challenging for the local, smaller and mid-sized garage door producers. But we’re here to help you with that! We have listened carefully to your demands for a wider application range and a need for modular systems. The result is RSC: Residential Supply Chain.


RSC stands for a variety of residential hardware systems, each dedicated to serve a predefined market segment. Total integrated burglar safety, new click-systems, universality of parts, thermal efficiency, easy installation. From “lowest price” up to an extensive line of up-sell and upgrade options. The RSC family contains different systems for different panel thickness:

RSC: 40mm and 60mm Residential torsion spring system
RSC is the original residential hardware set for  doors up to 5.000 x 3.000 mm (250kg) with torsion springs in front (head room 160mm or 190mm) or springs in the rear (75mm). For panel thickness of 40mm and 60mm.

RSC-T 2.0: 40mm Residential tension spring system
RSC-T is an expansion on our well-known residential system, now with Tension Spring technology. For doors up to w x h = 3.000 x 2.500mm, door weight to 125kg. Available in 40mm panel thickness versions. More details on this system:


Ordering your own RSC or RSC-T set is very easy due to our CREATE RSC product configurator. You simply fill in some information and preferences about the door you want to configure and in no-time you have a detailed bill of material that you can use to order a compact and efficient flatbad packaged hardware set. Or you can use the bill of material to make the hardware set in-house!

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