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“From being a client already back in 1987 until today as general manager IDD-Parts, I recognize the crystal clear strategy of FlexiForce: helping our customers to compete on a professional level in their home markets. A strong ‘together we can make it’ attitude.” – Johan van der Linde, general manager IDD-Parts (2011-today)

IDD-Parts was founded with the idea of having a one-stop-shop principle. Finding the right parts is a time consuming job because of the wide range and diversity of articles. The parts that are necessary to repair and service overhead doors, have to be sourced often by different suppliers. Next to this, a lot of products are protected by the manufacturer and are therefore barely available, which can lead to a big loss of time and energy for the customer.

This is where IDD-Parts comes in: because of the one-stop-shop principle it is possible to buy parts for most of the industrial overhead doors and dock systems. Whether it’s a single roller, a number of new hinges, door panels or even a complete new door leaf with options. The strong ‘together we can make it’ attitude connects FlexiForce and IDD-parts with the power the support our customers in their local markets!


For more information about IDD-parts, you can visit the website here!


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