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“As long as we keep focusing on the market drivers – convenience, security, safety, sustainability, design – we will continue to innovate. Improving products on these market drivers brings needed value to our customers.” – Jildert Gaastra, Product designer (2008 – today)

Any decision for any product or service is always based on a combination of demands and wishes. Each of us makes a choice on what we call the market drivers. How important do we, or our customers, think safety is? What value is given to good design and how does that relate to the total value or price of the product? In our design process, we are looking very carefully at each of these drivers, to make sure we offer the right value to you!


“Design is not only what it looks like, design is also how a product works.” For the end users, the design of the door is translated into curb appeal: the value a door adds to the overall appearance of a house. At FlexiForce, we understand that design, the functioning of the door, is driven by how hardware, automation and panels work together.


The garage is often an integrated part of the house, which makes it a priority to produce a secure door that keeps unwanted visitors out. Our systems contain products with specific security features, resulting in a safe and reliable door.


One of our highest priorities in the R&D process is to provide products and systems that are safe to install, maintain and use. An overhead door is a heavy and big moving object, which is why we look carefully at creating safe systems. For the end user of the door, but also for the installer and the person that does repair and maintenance. The CE approval on all systems in combination with panels and automation, confirms the realized safety level.


Today we are all responsible for finding and applying sustainable solutions. From minimizing packaging and short transport distances, to the development of products that improve the insulation and thermal values of the door. Next to this our products and systems are in line with European environmental regulations and sustainability is a big part of our design process.


Convenience translates into ease of installation, and ease of operation of the door. By developing universal and adjustable parts, we can make the installation of our systems easy and more efficient.


In our design process, all of the market drivers are taken into account to make sure we can offer the right value to our customers. The total value, or price of the products is always based on these market drivers.

#40YearsIn40Quotes – week 31

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