A pass door is convenient as you do not need to open the full overhead door if you only want to walk into the garage or building. And with that, a pass door is energy efficient. FlexiForce developed a state-of-the-art pass door system: SafeStep. And, FlexiForce now offers the convenience of standard kits in multiple variations.

Our system allows customers to build a pass door that features a solid construction, very small tolerances and a very good appearance, on the inside and outside of the door. The latter is important, given the, often residential application of these pass doors where curb appeal is a major factor.

The SAFESTEP system consists of separate parts and profiles, with which a complete pass door can be composed and assembled. And, FlexiForce now offers the convenience of standard kits in multiple variations.

SAFESTEP is available in two versions:

  • For doors W < 3.000 mm, SAFESTEP offers a low threshold combined with a top reinforcement profile, allowing a full door height pass door!
  • For doors W > 3.000 mm, SAFESTEP provides a reinforcement strut on the top panel in which the top of the pass door is cut out.

A full range of accessories like a panic bar, door closers and safety switches complete the SAFESTEP offer.

SAFESTEP features:

  • Smooth design
  • Integrated, non-visible hinges
  • Convenience of low threshold
  • Strong construction, fits perfectly
  • Door opens to outside
  • CE-Initial Type Testing Report
  • Convenient kits


Safestep pass door systems

The convenience of not doing all cutting and assembling of pass door parts by yourself, comes available with our preassembled SAFESTEP Kits! Cutting and milling pass door profiles for fingersafe sections is a precise job. FlexiForce has the production volume and machinery to do that for you. As standard catalogue item, from stock!

FlexiForce creates a box in which you will find all the cut profiles, plastic caps, hinges, brackets, screws, etc. We now offer in our catalogue different standard kits.

Find additional information, prices, manuals, movies on all variations, accessories and options for SAFESTEP:
Online Catalogue
SafeStep leaflet


Based on the key-features of SafeStep, we offer the option of creating also a side entrance door, SideStep. In- and outwards turning, with the same range of locks and accessories as available in SafeStep. Extending that line, resulted in DoubleStep. A double opening swing door system. Just as with SideStep, you can make this door by adding only few extra components to your SafeStep range. online catalogue link

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