Recently we have issued FlexiForce Magazine #71 – June 2016. This paper magazine highlights news, displays interviews and explains strategy and product applications to you. On paper. To give you easy access to all the mentioned digital content of the magazine, like movies and online releases, we have created an easy and clear overview on this page. Enjoy switching from paper to online and back! Any questions or remarks can of course be addressed to our sales teams.

Meet FlexiForce!

Tour through our subsidiaries

Magazine page 7
Many of you know us by our products or through our account managers visiting you or by phone conversations with our inside sales teams. For those of you that do not have the time to visit our companies, we have created six short video introductions, where Julian, Julio, Andrzej, Marco, Mert and Gyula personally guide you through FlexiForce in Spain, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Turkey and Hungary. Please find all the videos here.

Springtime 2.0

SpringTime continues on your mobile!

Magazine page 8

Our mobile app for on-site spring recognition and ordering has proven to be very popular. Reason for us to release the upgraded version to you, SpringTime 2.0! The tips and tricks for installation and repair are upgraded and we have finally made an Android version of the app. So now available to all smart phone users! Find it in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Panel Strategy

Take advantage of our volumes

Magazine page 9

It is hard to keep stock of all panel variances that a door company needs to have available nowadays. Especially for garage doors where the number of colours and different surface finishes seem to be limitless. Panel producers like to produce to order, in bigger volumes per order. That is where FlexiForce steps in between you and the producer: Order in full packs, smaller quantities or in specified lengths at your local FlexiForce warehouse. We make it easy! Find our partner Metecno in this nice explanatory movie! Contact us for prices and panel opportunities.


Triple succes!

Magazine page 10

We are “triple” happy on the success of our ISTT, industrial spring tensioning tool. First of all since we have run out of stock already a couple of times, meaning that we had trouble coping with the high demand. Secondly because over 50% of orders also contains an order for the ISTT-GO travel-trolley. And thirdly because this success means that spring tensioning all over Europe is becoming a safer and healthier job! Thanks for your orders!


Now includes a free cover

Magazine page 12

A clear upgrade of a product. Without price consequences for you! Our well-known slide bolt 632L is from now on standardly equipped with a stylish plastic cover. The finishing touch to your door!.

1030BOX5 Upselling

Easy upsell opportunity

Magazine page 13

This floor profile or water weir or rubber threshold is proving to be very popular nowadays. We receive an increasing amount of request on our website for it. And our customers report increasing sales by displaying the 1030BOX5 on their counter or by adding it to the standard inventory of their service vans. Find an explanatory movie on this product. Want to use it with your logo on it? Contact us!


New Traffic Light Module

Magazine page 13

We introduce forceTL, a new module to connect traffic lights easily, plug-‘n-play, to the forceIQ control box. Providing settings for waiting time, clearing time and opening time. Easy programming of traffic lights in a one-way-route application!



Magazine page 16-17

Door producers can increase their revenues and margins by not only servicing their own doors, but also through maintenance and repair on doors from other suppliers. To support customers in pursuing this opportunity, FlexiForce started IDD Parts in 2010. Today, IDD Parts offers spare parts, automation components and replacement panels to a growing group of customers in Europe.

Freedom of Choice


Magazine page 18

Our new single phase industrial door openers are a smart choice for your industrial door automation. Select three levels of control depending on your budget, on your need for convenience or on the wish for additional features and accessories.  Force70BS, force70AC and force70XQ replace our 60Nm units, offering more power (70Nm), highly improved design, logical “force” branding and neat packaging. All at a very attractive price level!



Magazine page 25

The ease of tension springs installation now in a wider application range. The new design of the double tension springs, the spring fittings and the cable pulley bracket makes this system really professional.



Magazine page 28

We would like to highlight to you a slightly underestimated product in our range, LM3800 jack shaft operator. This unit positions itself nicely between garage door openers and industrial door openers with a value/price balance that is unique in the market. The LM3800 can be applied on bigger garage doors and doors where the headroom is too big to apply a drawbar operator, and on Normal Lift and Low Head Room industrial doors up to 200kg door weight!



Magazine page 30

Liftmaster Evolution and MyQ are now more advanced than ever. MyQ lets you keep an eye on coming and going activities of your home, and with the Nest Cam you can easily see what’s happening at home when you’re not there. Through account linking MyQ and Nest Cam bring added safety, security and peace of mind to your family – from anywhere. Great for people with valuable items in the garage, families with kids who may be home alone, or those who travel frequently.

Want to read more? Then you can read the entire Magazine online. Physical copies have been sent out and should be with you soon. Didn’t receive it or haven’t gotten our Magazine before? Please contact your local sales team.

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