Due to an update at our supplier, we are now able to deliver a higher quality version of our selected windows.

While these new windows have a similar look, dimension and colour compared to the previous versions, there is one small difference that improves the quality.
The material used for the outer frames of the windows has changed from HIPS to ASA, a material that has a higher resistance to climate change, and a slower degradation than the old windows.

Even with this higher quality material, the prices of the windows will remain the same, but the article number will change. You can find an overview of the changes below:

  • 2397 will be replaced by 2397A
  • 2397SN will be replaced by 2397SNA
  • 2400-90 will be replaced by 2400-90A
  • 2400-90SN will be replaced by 2400-90SNA
  • 2390 will be replaced by 2390A
  • 2445 will be replaced by 2445A
  • 2397-50 will be replaced by 2397-50A

You can find the overview of all windows in our webshop here.

If you have any questions about this update, please contact your local sales team.

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