In order to comply with the market demand, we have developed a low noise side hinge for residential doors.

The 421FZBW10R is a 60mm white coated, silent hinge that can be used in combination with our 595 series tandem rollers. Based on the dimensions of the 421FZ, this hinge is suitable for EPCO & Kingspan panels. The hinge has improved fixation of the hinge pin, less play between the hinge leafs and tighter folds, for a sleek design.

Why do we call it a ‘silent hinge’?

The 421FZBW10R is fitted with 2 plastic bushes, at both sides of the hinge. This will prevent the steel on steel contact between the roller shaft and the hinge. Because of this, the noise when opening and closing the door will be reduced significantly. The function can be compared to our 423SZB slides.



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