Exact U-values are becoming more and important to building projects where insulation value needs to meet legal or project requirements. As a result, we have developed a universal U-value calculator to support exact U-values on a door level for our customers.

For many years FlexiForce has been supportive with ITTr service for door producers to be able to meet CE-requirements. By testing multiple combinations of hardware, panels and operators we support the customers’ selection with test reports validated by test agency RiSE (previously SP). To enable our customers to define the exact U-value of a door, we built a U-value calculator with an initial set of products. This U-value calculator is now available upon request.

For more information about the new calculator, you can click here to view the brochure.

The U-value calculator will be connected to the customer’s ITTr. Therefore it’s only possible to use this in combination with the ITTr service of FlexiForce. Interested in the FlexiForce ITTr service? Please contact your local sales team.

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The U-value calculator can be reached via the RSC Create account option. An account is required.
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    In the future, more products and selections will be added to facilitate even more door configurations with a U-value.
    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your local sales team.

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