We have updated our TSC tension spring sets to improve quality, design and ease of installation.Our proven design with aluminum casted spring plugs to connect inner and outer spring, has been upgraded.

Now the bottom connection is redesigned to consist of one single casted part leading to a more solid construction and easier installation on site. It adds to the stylish impression of the spring sets, offering a high quality product for the tension spring door configurations. The upgrade has been affected in our warehouses and will be distributed for all orders from mid-September.
No changes in article codes of our spring sets. And no changes in performance or dimensions.
For more information on our tension spring system go to the RSC product page.


Getting introduced to RSC-T 2.0

The tension spring door configurations provide opportunities to offer a high quality sectional overhead door. Balanced by two tension spring sets inside the vertical track. Easier and quicker to install, due to the absence of a shaft configuration.
FlexiForce has introduced a full system upgrade in April 2016 to serve market requests. Doorsizes up to 4.500×2.500 with a maximum weight up to 126kg can be created.
RSC-T 2.0: a reliable system designed and produced by FlexiForce. Easily configured via RSC Create.

Go to the contact page or ask your sales team for a full introduction.

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