Slide CREATE NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES SolidStep is a system allowing door producers to build a solid, well performing pass door. Even though the experience or volume on pass doors is not so high. The SolidStep provides an opening to the pass door market for many door producers. It creates an opportunity for self-production, control, short lead times and access to a profitable market. With this new pass door system, we can support the growth of door producers.

Universal kit design for fingersafe panel designs As a designer, the safety of a pass door is one of the most difficult subjects. With so many aluminum profiles, the finger safety is extremely important. This is why the design of the pass door contains specific panel transitions for different panel designs. As a result, it is possible to create a safe pass door with each panel brand. The pass door must interfere with the panel design, which is why we have made sure that there is one clean design for all panels. Short learning curve for production team Due to the fact that the production time of a pass door has the biggest impact on the cost price, we made it a priority to solve difficult production steps in the design of the profiles and caps. Smart engineering support delivering high quality in difficult but critical quality points. Think of vertical alignment of profiles, horizontal alignment of panel lines, but sharp and tight corners of the profiles. As a result of this, it is now possible for door producers to deliver a nice end result with their own production team. The design of the 1134KIT offers a solution for a robust and durable pass door with a quick and simplified production method. Quick assembly time

<4h per door - produce 2 doors per day
The complexity of producing a pass door and the possible quality costs, prevents door producers to enter a profitable product. The SolidStep system consists of cut-to-size and pre-milled profiles, which make the production and installation a lot easier and less time-consuming. The construction is developed to be extremely solid and forgiving when it comes to compensating tolerances. Producing a pass door becomes easy and quick with an average time of only 4 hours per door!
Durable and strong system thanks to the "Magic Corner" The corner connections of the pass door profiles not only determine the esthetics of the door, but also how robust it is. The extra attention to these corner connections in combination with the innovative application "Magic Corner", makes the 1134KIT a durable product with a nice finish. As a result, the door installer can hand-over the keys to the end user with confidence. Sleek appearance of the lock plate Due to the slightly wider design of the aluminum profile, the lock plate fits completely on the aluminum profile. This makes it possible to get the same appearance of all the lock plates in the building. Open up to 180° External hinges offer the needed rigidness in opening and closing. By designing the hinges on the outside, it is possible to open the door up to 180 degrees. To complete the appearance of the door, the external hinges can be coated in the color of the profiles. Burglar prevention Next to the technical safety features, specific attention is given to burglar prevention. All hinges are supplied with an integrated lock-pin, which fully secures the hinge side of the door. Next to this the design of the pass door is made suitable for both single- or multipoint lock solutions. Simply pre-milled into the profiles in the kit. To have optimal security add the SKG*** class cylinder to the lock.



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Complete your SolidStep pass door with multiple available accessories to fit your specific needs:

Low treshold end piece


Multi-point lock (no need for alternative caps)

1041LTB & 1134T
2-piece low treshold profile



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