Helton Industries is pleased to introduce 21” and 24” Narrow Body Operator Mounting Brackets. Narrow Body OMBs offer a more cost effective alternative to Helton’s standard wide body OMB’s. They also fit better between windows in some applications. The new OMB’s offer features such as adjustable mounting locations for the operator arm, vault release access, and better accommodation for strut fastener placement.

Of course, as with all Helton components, the part includes rounded corners and a premium bright hot dip galvanized finish. The 21” OMB can easily be cut down for 18” and 19-3/8” sections using the provided guide marks. Narrow Body OMB’s come equipped with a 5/16” clevis pin and cotter for attachment of the operator arm.

Helton is expanding our product line to include products such as Narrow Body OMB’s in an effort to provide our customers with a single source of supply for all of their Hardware products, Windows, and Accessories. Consolidating shipments saves freight and shortens lead times. Please contact your Helton sales representative for details and pricing.

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