Protection from the elements

Having the right weather seal product is critical for a successful installation. Purchasing weather seal from the right company is equally important.

Our broad product range is designed to perform in extreme climates, from a cold Alaskan winter to a hot Arizona summer. Having a supplier who can offer a full range of weather seals that can withstand hot and cold climates guarantees your company will be ready for any situation you may come across.

  • Astragal
  • Aluminum Retainer
  • Vinyl Retainer
  • Vinyl Perimeter Weather Seal
  • Steel Weather Strip Channel with Vinyl Seal
  • Brush Weather Seal
  • Reverse Angle Weather Seal
  • Top Seal
  • Storm Shield

Perimeter Weather Seal

Vinyl/Vinyl or Vinyl/Steel

Keep the elements out of your garage! Perimeter weather seal helps keep the wind and rain out so your garage stays warm and dry, as well as keeping your energy bill low. We have a wide variety of colors to match any exterior.

Astragal and Storm Shield

A variety of sizes

Our T-style astragal comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 3” to 6” and is available in black or grey. Depending on the slope of the application, we have the right choice for your installation.



Aluminum or Vinyl

Available in brushed aluminum or black plastic, our “T”-slot retainers are the right choice to help seal your garage from unwanted water.

  • For use with “T”-style astragal.
  • Width of retainer is based on client preference and thickness of the door section.
  • Available in 1-3/8” and 1-7/8” width from 8’ to 18’ in length.

Brush Weather Seal

Keep unwanted pests out

1” brush with 1” retainer acts as a deterrent to keep unwelcome pests from entering your garage through your overhead door.


Top Seal

Single or Double Fin

Adds a nice clean finish to the top of your door while protecting your garage from the elements. Available in per foot lengths.

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