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“In my geographic location we feel to be on the edge of where Europe transforms into Asia. This provides FlexiForce Turkey with a unique position to serve and develop customers in Turkey, but also in the Middle East and the Central Asia region. Despite economical ups-and-downs and exchange rate challenges, we manage to grow with our customers confirming our role in this market.” – Mert Kaptan, Managing Director FlexiForce Turkey (2010 – today)

The subsidiary of FlexiForce in Turkey was opened to support door businesses in Turkey and the surrounding countries. The facility has offices and a warehouse of 2.000m2, in the city of Gebze, on the Asian side of Turkey, close to Istanbul. Through this subsidiary FlexiForce has created more opportunities for growth – not only in the Turkish market, but also in the Central Asia and Middle East region. This expansion was yet another step in our consistent “close to the customer” strategy. A warehouse in Turkey provides customers with more flexibility against lower costs. Smaller, more frequent orders and reduced transport costs are there to improve the competitiveness of our customers.

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