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“When FlexiForce decided to develop a European range of cable drums, increasing door safety was the first priority. With two safety windings on a drum, the exerted force on the lifting cable connection reduces by 90%. Still the safest solution today!”

The FlexiForce range of cable drums is designed in-house, answering specific European market demands, and comply with all applicable European CE-standards. By using the FEM calculation (Finite Element Method) the possible forces on the drums were simulated in advanced computer models. This resulted in optimal use of material, thickness, smart reinforcement ribs and efficient positioning of screw holes and the windings.



  • 2 Safety Windings: From the cable securing point, the lifting cable is first guided over two safety windings. This reduces the force on the end of the cable by 90%.


  • Cable fixation is provided in two ways: Using steel cable stops or by applying adjustable cable fixation through an adjustment screw, readily available in the drum.


  • A metrical locking screw is readily accessible from the front and secures the drum, via the key, on the shaft. In this way, the locking screw does not damage the shaft and no side room is required to fixate the screw.


  • The cable groves are based on metric cable diameters. Meaning for example that the FFNL18 is based on 5 mm cable and not on the American (global) size of 3/16” (4.8mm). So, European cables fit perfectly in FlexiForce drums.
  •  The shaft hole is made with a one-piece pin. This eliminates any unevenness in the centre allowing the shaft and key to be fitted more easily and tight in the drum. The shaft pin is always slightly conical to be able to release the product from the mould.


  • The drums are marked with a colour code (red for Left and black for Right) and have at various points clear letter identifications “L” and “R”.


  • FlexiForce cable drums are equipped with key 13, hexagonal headed screws (where US-type drums feature square headed screws that need special tooling to operate).

You can find our complete overview of cable drums in our catalogue.


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