Specially developed for more flexibility and ease of installation for industrial doors.

The bolted tracks consist of multiple pieces which provide more flexibility during production and installation. The hole patterns are designed for an easy fit of the tracks, and adjusting the tracks for suspension and bumpers, for example, has been made easier.

Next to the bolted tracks, there are matching curve support plates, track connecting plates, rail connecting plates and a bottom wedge plate. The bottom wedge plate helps the positioning of the bottom of the track. It can also stay under the track after installation for protection against corrosion.

New easy fix M8 bolt

The installation is made easier with the use of the easy fix bolt (1071BFN), which is optimized for the bolted track profiles. The bolt has a flat head and can be used for all kind of M8 plate/track connections. The easy fix point creates a non-threaded end of the bolt, which makes it easy to position the nut (1068M). Never lose the nut during installation!

For more information on the bolted tracks you can visit our catalogue or contact your local FlexiForce sales team.

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