For a better fixation of our bolted track sets, we have developed a new fixation profile.

The 215C-H175 profile creates more convenience during the installation, because there is no more need to cut additional profiles for the fixation of the bolted tracks. The profile is specifically developed for 2 situations:

  1. For a Normal lift or High lift system

To be used when the pitch of the track is bigger than 15º. The 215C-H175 is mounted on top of the vertical angle and is used to fixate the side bearing plate using our paro clamp plates.

2. For a Vertical lift system

2 profiles are used. One as a track connection plate at the top of the vertical track, where it can also be used as a connection profile for the side bearing plates.

The second profile is used as a fixation point for the spring buffers. Keep in mind that two holes have to be made in the 2V-H track profile, in order to correctly mount the 215C-H175.












A more detailed overview of our bolted tracks set can be found here.

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