We are glad to announce that we have added GfA operators to our range of industrial automation.

Being the market leader in industrial door automation, GfA is a great partner for FlexiForce. With the product range of GfA we are able to provide our customers with a high quality standard in industrial automation. This enables a better competitive position to our customers in their local market.

We introduce different kits, containing the 90Nm operators with chain hoist or quick release declutch device. We combine the operators with 2 different control units TS 970 and TS 971. Depending on the number of connections needed and price, the right combination can be selected. Next to that, we introduce 1 kit for the heavy industrial doors which requires more power. This kit includes the powerful 140Nm operator and TS 971 control unit.
All kits are equipped with a 7 meter operator cable.

Next to these operator kits, we have selected a number of smart accessories to be combined with the GfA control units.
Please download a clear product-overview or the technical specifications on GfA operators and accessories.

All product details can also be found in our updated catalogue.
Motor kits

With the addition of GfA to our product portfolio, we can support our customers even better in door automation.
Product availability can be requested at your local sales office.

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