Helton/FlexiForce successfully defended its 2012 DASMA Centerpiece Contest title at this year’s annual meeting with a stunning scorpion made entirely of overhead door hardware. For the second year in a row, Helton/FlexiForce has won the DASMA Associate Member Centerpiece Contest! This year’s winner was constructed from common overhead door components, appropriately themed for the 2013 venue in Scottsdale, Arizona. The idea of the scorpion was the winning submission from Helton/FlexiForce staff members.

The Centerpiece Contest is a great opportunity for Associate Members like Helton/FlexiForce to increase their exposure to Full DASMA Members. Winning the competition generates considerable and essentially cost-free publicity and marketing value within the overhead door industry. Helton’s winning submission in 2012 was an airboat – a common mode of transportation in the Florida Everglades.

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