Helton Industries is pleased to announce our updated line of Aluminum Bottom Retainers and Astragal. We have re-tooled our Aluminum Bottom Retainer profile shapes to accommodate the more popular T-style astragal. Aluminum has superior rigidity compared to PVC bottom retainers, and is very competitively priced. L-type profiles are available in lengths of 8’ to 18’, and in widths of 1-3/8”, 1-5/8”, and 1-7/8”. All L-type retainers feature a tall flange for mounting firmly to the back of the door and scribe lines to facilitate the installation of screws.

Helton also offers U-type retainers for doors up to 2” thick. The U-type retainers are 3” deep to adjust for sloped garage floors, are available in 16’-4” and 18-4” lengths and feature multiple scribe lines. Helton’s updated Bottom Astragal is available in black and gray in 3-1/4” widths. 6” widths are available in gray only. Product is sold in rolls for easy dispensing and minimum waste. The astragal material is a soft durometer PVC, formulated to contour to uneven surfaces and resist tearing in both hot and cold climates.

The 3-1/4” astragal is a dual-durometer extrusion with rigid T’s which vastly improve the ease and speed of inserting the soft astragal into the rigid aluminum retainer. Also available is Wood Door Astragal. This Astragal is specifically designed for nailing into the bottom of wood sections. It is made of foamed rubber for the ultimate seal in conforming to uneven surfaces.

For more details on these and other Weather Seal products available through Helton Industries, please contact your sales representative.

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