Helton/FlexiForce introduces a new locking style Insulation Retainer profile. Insulation Retainers are an essential component when insulating vinyl-backed overhead door sections. They offer a smooth, clean finish to your installation, while also keeping your insulation in place.

Part numbers for locking Insulation Retainers are as follows:

  • RC-9218 18” Locking Insulation Retainer – White
  • RC-9221 21” Locking Insulation Retainer – White
  • RC-9224 24” Locking Insulation Retainer – White

We will continue to stock the non-locking retainers for customers that prefer that style

  • RC-8818 18” Insulation Retainer – White
  • RC-8821 21” Insulation Retainer – White
  • RC-8824 24” Insulation Retainer – White

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