Helton is very excited to announce our completely redesigned 3” track system. This new system has been revamped from the ground up to provide improved installation, increased strength, and better value. There is a trend towards larger, heavier doors, and creating better options for 3” track systems will promote its use. Dealers often avoid using 3” track systems due to installation concerns, unfamiliarity, or cost. As a result, 2” track systems are often used on doors that would function better and last longer on 3” hardware. Helton’s design improvements should make 3” track more acceptable to installers for both commercial and residential applications. With the exception of improved pricing on 14 gauge track options, all Track-Set, Reverse Angle, and Hardware Kit pricing is unchanged.

Re-tooling of production machinery has just been completed for the new 3” track design. Product will be available in October as existing stock is depleted. Note that the new 3” track components are not compatible with the old design. Please work with your sales representative to manage the transition to the new design when ordering.

Key Highlights of the New Design

  • Horizontal Angle is slotted and mounted with carriage bolts instead of riveted permanently. This configuration makes it possible to adjust the angle forward and backward to accommodate door thickness variations, pitched track, header inconsistencies, or high lift. Standard configuration will be “angle leg down” allowing for easier center-hanging.
  • All Track Fasteners have been upgraded to 5/16” carriage bolts. This improves strength, reliability, and stiffness. Track fasteners can be used for back-hang or center-hang in moderate loading applications.
  • The straight portion below the Horizontal Track Radius has been eliminated. The previous design had a 5” straight section of track below the radius. This was not ideal for pitching track. The new design eliminates this 5” straight portion making it easier to pitch track thereby improving door performance when using shaft-mounted operators or hoists. This in turn has reduced the headroom requirement by 1” since the new vertical track is now four inches longer than the previous design. Angle mount clip positions are reconfigured to accommodate the new design. Also, 15” radius flags are used in place of 20” radius flags.
  • Track clips have been strengthened from 13 gauge to 10 gauge material and reverse angle geometry is optimized. Load tests revealed that 13ga track clips were by far the weakest point of the jamb hardware. By optimizing the new reverse angle geometry and increasing the thickness of the track clips, testing shows the new design is more than double the strength of the previous reverse angle with no additional cost.
  • 10-gauge Heavy Duty bracket mount hardware introduced. 3” track can be installed as a conventional jamb bracket mount configuration to reduce cost and simplify installation. These brackets can be used “flange out” or “flange in” to suit jamb construction. They are available in lengths up to 15”. This is a new product that is significantly lower cost than Reverse Angle Mount but 2.7 times stronger than 13ga jamb brackets. Please call for pricing.
  • Low Headroom Starter Angle improved. The completely redesigned starter angle has additional slots and notches reminiscent of Helton’s popular 2” starter angle, making it user friendly for both inboard and outboard cable installations.
  • 14 gauge track option provides better value for medium duty, cost constrained projects. The industry standard for 3” track has been 12ga for years. With this redesign, Helton introduces 14ga track for medium duty projects or for less-demanding parts of the door system. 14ga track can be specified for smaller doors, vertical tracks, low headroom top tracks, or vertical lift portions. Please contact your sales representative for a chart of standard 14ga configurations and for pricing. Larger projects will be quoted on a custom basis and configuration will be optimized for value.
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