As most of you know, last year’s IDA Expo was where our industry first learned that FlexiForce had acquired Helton, and that Helton would lead FlexiForce’s continued expansion in North America. Since that day at the convention center in Las Vegas, Helton and FlexiForce have been busy integrating operations, consolidating raw materials, and expanding manufacturing in Dixon, Illinois.

Earlier this year, I visited FlexiForce’s head office in the Netherlands. Together with Helton, FlexiForce is the largest manufacturer of sectional door components in the world. It’s amazing to see such strong similarities between Helton in North America and FlexiForce in Europe. We are completely focused on customer service, short lead times, high quality, and low cost.

We have a vision of “Two Forces Joining as One” for North America. We are developing our supply chain and manufacturing in Dixon to have the same complete product range as Abbotsford. Our sales and customer service team in Dixon continues with the same great service and reliability that has been the cornerstone of Helton’s success in the West.

Join us in celebrating our theme for this year’s IDA Expo, “Two Forces Join as One”. Visit us at booth 1139!

Yours truly,

Mike Rauch
CEO Helton/FlexiForce North America

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