Impress your customers with strut from FlexiForce.

FlexiForce strut is manufactured in North America from high-grade, hot-dipped galvanized steel. Our strut is proven to stand the test of time and is also offered with a hemmed edge, making it more installer-friendly and safer to handle.

Available in an assortment of heights, lengths, gauges and punch patterns to suit our client’s needs.



2¼”, 3″ and 3¼”

  • Used to add rigidity to garage door sections for both residential and commercial applications.
  • Will prevent section sag when standard lift and high-lift open doors are in their horizontal position.

Conventional (Non-Hemmed)


Conventional strut is offered in a variety of lengths and is still the preference of some installers today.



2¼”, 3″ and 3¼”

  • Hemmed edge strut is not only safer to handle but is equally rigid to conventional strut systems.
  • Many customers prefer the hemmed edge as safety continues to play a larger role in our everyday lives.

Strut Angle

For Fullview Door Sections

  • Strut angle keeps your full-view door “full view” while giving the added rigidity needed to keep your customers safe.
  • This strut has also been designed to accept the ¾ offset hinge and includes rounded edges for added end-user protection.

Strut Clips

Added rigidity

  • Used to reinforce the strut against your sections for added rigidity.
  • Suitable for all doors to ensure a safe connection of the strut to your door section backing plates.
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