DURA-HEM is the “SAFETY TRACK SYSTEM”, featuring proprietary EDGE-SAFE forming technology.

FlexiForce is an industry leader in developing safer and stronger garage door hardware systems. For over a decade, FlexiForce has been producing select vertical and horizontal 2” track with EDGE-SAFE™ technology, which puts material where it is needed most. Through innovative production methods, we have expanded EDGE-SAFE™ technology across our entire product line.


Conventional Track

Available in 2″ and 3″

  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Precision rollformed

DURA-HEM Safety Track

Available in 2″ only

  • Hemmed edge is stronger, to resist damage caused by wear or abuse.
  • Designed for smoother, unobstructed roller travel.
  • Innovative back hang slots reduce the span of the track, improving the overall track stiffness.

Upgrade to Safety


  • Smooth edges make installation safer.
  • Smooth edges are safer for homeowners and their families.

Standard or Low-headroom

Any application

  • Standard track is available in a variety of radii.
  • Multiple headroom applications available – including standard, extra, and zero headroom.

Assemblies or Components

Ultimate convenience

Whether you’re interested in ready-to-install sets or individual components, we have what you are looking for!

Holes or Slots

We offer both

  • Traditional round holes come standard on all track assemblies.
  • Slots offer horizontal angle adjust-ability for different door thicknesses, jamb configurations, or track pitch.
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