We have been rethinking our approach and product line in full vision aluminium profiles and complete sections.  REFLECTION is the result of this rethinking process: a revolutionary system that is now available in produced-to-order complete sections out of our Hungarian and Polish assembly plants.

Our brand new REFLECTION product line truly deserves your attention, given the significant savings we have achieved in the use of aluminium in combination with a very nice and sharp, minimal design of the section. The elimination of glass beads (laths) makes this system easy to produce while giving it a high-end design appearance.

With this new REFLECTION design we have been able to achieve significant material savings and with that of course cost savings that are reflected in our market pricing. For door companies, full vision is a great up-sell opportunity, which even becomes more attractive if at the same time your costs are going down.

On top of that, it opens up interesting after-sales opportunities for door producers. The choice for quality has been made by offering you double glazing, in two sheets of 3mm thickness as a standard. You will be convinced by the quality look and feel coming from this glazing. Opt for quality and convenience and order your full vision panels!



We think there is only one choice when it comes to material selection: The best. We have selected high quality aluminium for the profiles of REFLECTION. Double glazing with 3mm SAN sheets, optimal choice for improved U-values and a solid quality look and feel. Optional is glazing with scratch resistant coating on the outside!

Higher investment, but clearly an up-selling opportunity. The reinforcement strut is now integrated into the profiles. Providing the strength needed for larger doors, but still maintaining the high-end design appearance we strive for.

To complete the look of the sections, we have eliminated the glass beads which makes the door really look great, also on the inside. Architects love it! Our powder coating process for the sections is strongly improved and brought to a new quality level. REFLECTION fits perfectly to different panel brands. The traditional industrial panels (40mm), universal for all brands. And two finger-safe versions: One Epco/Kingspan panels (40mm) and one version for Metecno/comparable panels.



The REFLECTION sections we offer are pre-assembled to specification in our factories in Hungary and Poland. Here we have organized a complete lean production line to produce these sections in a very efficient way. Profiting from our big economies of scale in low cost countries. Any colour that you like and any size that you need. The panels are packed neatly, branded REFLECTION to increase the value of the package, and shipped, if needed, directly to the installation site. This enables you to offer high quality products without the cost of stock or investment in production of these sections.

Ordering is made easy by giving you an Excel calculation sheet which you can use for configuring, pricing and ordering, single or multiple aluminium-glazed sections. The outcome of the selection goes to a pdf-document which you can email to your sales contact in FlexiForce. They will confirm the price and delivery time. Another option is that you put your selection into our online order/quotation form.

The standard delivery time for sections is 2 – 3 weeks from order. Standard, non-coated sections within two weeks from order date. We are always open and flexible to help you in certain cases on urgent rush orders.



Since every section differs from the other, it is hard to give you all the gross list prices in advance. To help you estimate on where we are with pricing, we have entered some various sections into the online catalogue (link). Your general discount applies. We are open to give you any quotation you need for other general pricing.

We are happy to clarify you all the details and specs of REFLECTION in a personal meeting with you. This will also open up the opportunities that REFLECTION offers to your business. In the end, a full vision section means higher turn-over compared to a standard panel section.

Want to know more about REFLECTION and what we can do for you? Please don’t hesitate to send us a message! Or start configuring your reflection sections right away with our online order form.

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