The end user has clear demands where it comes to upgrading his door automation with access control systems, convenient lighting, detecting systems, remote monitoring and operation of the door. Up-sell these accessories to add value for your customer!

Simply opening and closing a door is usually not enough. Especially the end-users wants to make sure his door is safe, conventient, to use and built to last. Often times accessoires are need to make sure the end-users gets everything he wants and needs. By offering a stong collection of accessoires you automatically open up a wide range of upselling possibilities.


Secure the entrance to buildings and homes

Unfortunately we live in a world that forces us to protect our offices, warehouses and homes from unwanted entries. We do not only want to keep burglars out, we also want to be in control of who is allowed to enter our homes or buildings. For residential access control we offer a wide range of Liftmaster Evolution key-pads and locks.

keypad small

For industrial doors, a good example of simple but effective access control is our universal digital keypad/card reader: One for 12V (9700V12, gates, force70AC etc.) and the other for 24V (9700V24, GDO’s etc.) power supply. Supplied with one magnetic card but of course you can order more cards for more users. Access management is easy, so you can also block users in case of losing the card or…..when they fail to pay the rent. Nice design at a very attractive price!


Providing security and curb appeal

“Shining a light” on a garage door in the dark of evening and night serves different goals. The proud home owner exposes his house and door by spreading light over it. Next to that, a light beam on top of the door helps people find their way in the dark of night. And last but not least, it is commonly known that burglars don’t like to work in the light. So, burglar safety and security! Whatever the main driver is, fact is that with the FlexiForce LED-bars, we offer another ideal up-sell in residential and industrial projects.

LED bar FlexiForce

We offer two standard types in our stock: Length 5000mm or 3000mm, in aluminum finish, with warm-white LED light. FlexiForce LED-bars are made of high quality Alunox and contain LEDs from the best LED suppliers. The lifespan is 40.000 hours, with over 100lumes per LED. Easy installation, cut-to-size adjustments possible. Any electrician can connect the bars to the garage door opener or to movement sensors and daylight sensors. Other colors and finishes and lengths on request available.

Complete your offering

924WLKIT and more

Complete your offering to the end user with our complete line of accessories. Cable sets, loop detector kit, light curtains, traffic lights, hand transmitters, receivers and different safety edge systems. Available in stock from all FlexiForce warehouses!

Want to know more about our automation accessories? Please don’t hesitate to send us a message or give us call!

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