A power operated door is still a heavy and moving object in a building. End users will appreciate a safer and more sustainable door.

A door that automatically closes needs to be stopped when it hits an obstacle or person. To obtain this safety, there are different safety edge systems for industrial doors available and approved in the market.

  • Safety light curtain class2
  • Opto-sensor system
  • Pneumatic safety system
  • Loop detection
  • Photocell safety
  • Pass door protection switches

The choice between these systems is often done on personal experience arguments. We present a selection of safety accessories that fit plug-‘n-play to the force-IQ control system. Our force-range of industrial door openers offer great up-selling potential! Increase your order value even more by offering the user the required safety in the daily use of his power operated door.

All FlexiForce accessories are included in our Initial Type Testing Report (ITTR) in combination with FlexiForce ISC hardware systems and FORCE and NICE door openers. Please contact us to learn how you can obtain this report in your name.

Based on your needs and personal preferences there are a number of safety products (or combination of) safety products that are very suitable and highly recommended for your overhead door. Below a selection of the solutions we offer:


Loop detection

This loop detection will recognize truck entering the area in front of the door. The signal will be recognized by forceIQ and clearly presented in the display. All parts you need in one easy kit!!


Safety light curtain. Class 2.

Type 2 light curtains like our forceLC2 can be applied as stand-alone safety devices because they are self-testing. ForceLC2 covers the bottom 2550 mm of the door opening and with that fulfils all requirements of EN12978 and EN12453. A unique feature of the forceLC2 is that it is completely self-contained and connects directly into the OSE input of the controller. So, no adaptor or interfaces required.


Pneumatic safety system

Airwave switch kit. Mounted in IP54 housing. The switch is activated by the rise or fall in air pressure in the bottom seal of a door when meeting an obstacle. All you need in one easy kit with plug-‘n-play connection to forceIQ!


Safety: Infrared

Self-contained photocells, IR. These ‘button type’ photocells are fixed into the track of the door. NB! These are not accepted as stand-alone safety system for industrial doors. Always combine with additional systems.


Opto-sensor system

Opto sensor safety edge system kit. Will be recognized by forceIQ and clearly presented in the display. All parts you need in one easy kit with plug-‘n-play connection to forceIQ.


Pass door protection switch

Protective switch that blocks the operator activation when pass door is still unintendedly open. All parts for installation are included. Unique is the wireless signal to motor unit, coming from the transmitter switch, installed into the 1034FLN door closer. Easy and efficient!

FlexiForce forceLC2 light curtain

All the details

Please find our forceLC2 light curtain brochure below with even more information, technical details and images of the forceLC2.Brochure only available in English. If other languages are needed please contact us.

Want to know more about our safety systems and products? Please don’t hesitate to send us a message or give us call! Or view our complete automated safety systems in the webshop.

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