Our range of mono-phase operators from Gaposa is suitable for most overhead doors. A basic drive with a robust and reliable motor. These units have been developed in collaboration with our supplier: Gaposa. A high-quality Italian manufacturer of operators that specialises in mono-phase drives.

Our selection starts with a simple switch operation, which can open automatically. The force70AC3 can be used for a fully automated door. It is available in two variants: with rapid de-clutching or a chain hoist that de-clutches the motor from the shaft in case of a power cut or for maintenance.

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These operators have mechanical end limit adjustment. Our force70AC3 is connected to a 3-button control panel, with connectors for basic functionality. This has resulted in a range of high quality motors to suit any situation and every budget.



Our range of mono-phase operators

Our selection of Force operators is available in the catalogue.

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