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“Local people, in local language, with local stock. That strategy proved to be key in the market penetration and success of FlexiForce” – Bert Fransens, general manager and former owner of FlexiForce (1997-2013)

“Where other companies opted for centralized European warehouses, FlexiForce decided for a ‘close-to-the-customer’ strategy aiming to provide FlexiForce warehouses within 500km distance of any customer.” It was this approach that has led to the rapid growth of FlexiForce internationally. What started out in an old chicken barn in 1980, has now grown into an international powerhouse with subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Canada and the United States.



FlexiForce has reinforced “the power of local” by opening up warehouses in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey and Hungary many years ago. Our local stock allows door companies to lower their own inventory costs. Making them more flexible by ordering smaller quantities and through our rush-order service. We offer a free choice on how door producers want to organize their business with us:

• hardware parts in full pack quantities
• electrical operators per piece
• small quantities of panels
• pre-assembled springs and tracks
• complete flat-bed hardware sets
• ready-made full vision sections
• spare parts and panels for after sales service (IDD Parts)

Up to you!

This provides a door producer totally independent flexibility to run his local business in the way he wants, allowing him to exactly pinpoint where he wants to beat the “big guys”.

On top of that, there is a growing importance of local after sales service and repairs. The ultimate opportunity to start a lifelong relationship with local customers. Being a local producer, it is easy to explain WHY people should buy from you: The door is proudly produced in the area, employing local people and supporting the local economy. A very strong argument nowadays. Add to that the fact that you install the door to your own high standards. You maintain the door carefully and you are available 24/7 when anything might happen to the door after installation. It will give g “word of mouth” recommendation to any new door or gate that is needed in the area. In the end, you can easier escape the traditional price fight by providing something that others cannot provide: LOCAL.


Have you already seen the video interview with Frans Meijer and Bert Fransens about the early days of FlexiForce? If not, click here and get inspired!

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