Thermal efficiency is a joint responsibility. It is only logical that the door in a building should not be the spoiling factor when it comes to saving energy and increasing sustainability. REFLECTION THERMAL BREAK combines the modern design of full vision doors with effective thermal U-values.

Make your door “green”!

Our new REFLECTION product line truly deserves your attention, given the significant savings we have achieved in the use of aluminium in combination with a very nice and sharp, minimal design of the section. The elimination of glass beads (laths) makes this system easy to produce while giving it a high-end design appearance. The introduction of thermal break sections now completes your choice for style and sustainability.

We offer you the advantages of REFLECTION:

  • Significant material savings;
  • Sharp design without glass beads;
  • Interesting after-sales opportunities for door producers in glass replacement;
  • Double glazing in two sheets of 3mm thickness as a standard: quality look and feel;
  • Reinforcement strut is now integrated into the profile design;
  • Powder coating process on a new quality level;
  • Perfect fit to different panel brands;
  • Choice between fully pre-assembled sections or separate profiles and parts;
  • Easy ordering and easy installation.

In two main product lines:

  • REFLECTION, for non-fingersafe, industrial panels (40mm) and for finger-safe panels of Epco/Kingspan and Metecno/comparable panels.
  • REFLECTION THERMAL BREAK, for industrial panels (40mm) of all brands.


for non-fingersafe, industrial panels (40mm) and for finger-safe panels of Epco/Kingspan and Metecno/comparable panels.


REFLECTION THERMAL BREAK offers solutions in projects where the overall energy efficiency demands are high which results in the need for good insulation (low U-value) in combination with glazed door sections.

REFLECTION THERMAL BREAK meets state-of-the-art design standards, using high quality aluminum profiles with an integrated cold bridge of glass fiber reinforced polyamide. This innovative solution creates a perfect cold bridge without compromising on the strength of profiles and sections.

The reduction of the CO2 footprint and energy consumption are for sure priorities in modern architecture and building design. This is where REFLECTION THERMAL BREAK offers sustainable solutions. Next to that, the quality perception on full vision doors increases big time when condensation on the inside is eliminated.


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