We present to you a complete range of hardware sets for residential doors, with bolted tracks. RSC stands not only for Residential Supply Chain but also for Reliable, Secure and Convenient.

In 2013, RSC was introduced successfully and for many of our customers it is their main residential hardware system. Now we have taken it a step further, by adding RSC bolted tracks. The system is designed to offer flexibility on different levels: in stock, production and on-site installation.

Starting inhouse production without the need of investing in machinery for track assembly can be easy, with RSC bolted tracks. This system offers a wide range of solutions with different balancing configurations for doors up to 6 meters wide and 3 meters high. Offering the complete range of garage doors can be an impact to your stock management in relation to the needed hardware. Because of this, the profiles are designed to make it easy to shorten and adjust to fit the selected configuration.

RSC bolted tracks is characterized by the following key benefits:

  1. Stock optimization
    – Flexible due to reduction option in profile design
    – Symmetrical profile design to avoid double stock need
  2. Flexibility
    – Adjust the track set to 40mm and 60mm panels
    – Select the optimal balancing system without changing tracksets
  3. EasyFix, all with M8
    – Using EasyFix bolts, for convenient and fast production of track assembly and installation
    – Convenient need for only 1 tool

RSC bolted: springs in front

This is the most well-proven torsion spring system, with shaft installation on the lintel. By using the FF05NL8(E) or FF05NL12 cable drum and our specially developed 656S spring break device, a solution is created where head room availability is less critical with a minimum of 190mm. Proven construction and balancing system on the lintel. Applicable for doors up to 6.000 x 3.000mm (wxh) and a weight up to 225kg (ITTR<165kg). The railsets are pre-mounted on 40mm panels.

RSC bolted: tension springs

Tension spring systems are now widely accepted and appreciated. The advantages are obvious: easier to install, less components, applicable for doors up to 4.500 x 2.500mm (wxh) and a weight up to 126kg. For doors with panels of 40 or 60mm thickness. With the addition of the following parts the universal tracks can be used for a tension spring system. Finding the correct tension spring for the door is made easy with the help of our spring matrix.

RSC bolted: springs in rear

For all door sizes where available head room is limited. For example in renovation projects, RSC with springs in rear is an ideal solution. With the torsion spring shaft mounted on the rear connection profile installation is easy and headroom of 75mm (manual operation) or 115mm (power operation) is feasible. A pulley system for guiding the lifting cable is included in the set-up. Applicable for doors up to 6.000 x 3.000mm (wxh) and a weight up to 225kg (ITTR<165kg). For doors with panels of 40mm or 60mm thickness.

For a complete overview of all parts and accessories for RSC bolted tracks,  you can visit our webshop.

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