Torsion springs and tension springs are an essential part of all overhead doors. The correct operation of the door and customer satisfaction are a direct result of the quality and selection of the springs for each specific door.

Because each overhead door is different, the springs needed to balance the door perfectly, are also unique. Instead of cutting your springs out of standard long length, it;s better to outsource the spring production completely to FlexiForce.

Since its’ foundation, FlexiForce has continuously invested in know-how, production, logistics, testing and configuration of springs. Our humble opinion is that today we lead the market, not only in volume but more important in the quality of the springs we select and offer to our customers.

We produce the spring fixed-to-size, eliminating any scrap or waste. After that we efficiently assemble the springs for you, a process that involves fitting the spring fittings, positioning the low-noise spring filler, putting on a tension stripe and packing each spring in a plastic bag. With a unique spring order ID-label. Effectively in 5 days, we have your springs, twice a week, ready for shipment. For rush orders we are often able to do it within the hour if needed. One thing is certain: We will never leave you waiting for the spring you need, you can fully rely on us.

Today the majority of our spring production consists of shot-peened, powder coated springs. The famous “blue springs from FlexiForce”. Shot peening is a process in which a spring is bombarded in a blasting chamber with small round bullets that “blast” the surface of the spring at a speed of 300 km/h.

This compacts the outer surface of the spring, which lowers the tensile force on the wire. This provides a 40% higher life span compared to black springs and galvanized springs. The higher life span leads to selecting a lighter (less kg) spring for the same door application. To protect the blasted wire from corrosion, the spring is powder-coated blue-gray (RAL5014), providing a better looking spring for more or less the same costs as a black spring.

At FlexiForce we don’t just produce and provide you with the finished torsion springs we also a offer variety of tools to support you on all levels, starting with the calculation of springs.



SpringForce is our unique spring calculation and  configuration tooling to provide you with the best possible spring for your door! “Best” is explained as: the right selected spring (not too heavy, no too light) to perfectly balance the door, during a well determined and specified life-cycle. All our new calculations were intensively tested and were backed-up by our partner IST (Institute of Spring Technology) in the UK.

SpringForce provides the unique opportunity to connect your ERP system with our online spring calculation. With EDI-exchange you calculate and order springs digitally from your ERP, via SpringForce, back to your ERP system. Saving a lot of extra work and time. But of course also for single spring calculation, a short visit to SpringForce will provide you the spring you need.



It’s SPRINGTIME on your mobile! FlexiForce introduces an App that supports overhead door installers, service mechanics and repair companies with easy answers to questions and doubts that often arise while at a door site. Is this a left or a right spring? What spring code I need to order? What can I offer this door owner during my visit? What to do when the cable is broken? And more. SpringTime is our new communication channel to you, via your mobile phone or tablet. We will update it regularly with new features, after sales tips & tricks and product news. Download it for free from the Apple iPhone app store.

Want to know more about our springs and what we can do for you? Please don’t hesitate to send us a message! Or start configuring your springs right away with our online configuration tool.

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