We would like to inform you about the introduction of 2 new products that can be used as a pneumatic safety edge: 1035DW & DWACCN.

The 1035DW-50M is a new bottom rubber designed for 40mm panels, which fits on all aluminum bottom profiles. As a new addition to our range, the 1035DW will replace the older 1035 rubber as a preferred solution for pneumatic safety edges, because of the large round air chamber for improved functionality.

In order to use the 1035DW as a pneumatic safety edge, it must be combined with the DWACCN.

How does it work?
When the door is closing, the round air chamber will deform if there is an obstacle under the door that stops it from closing. The deformation will press air through the nipple and hose of the DWACCN, which will activate a DW-switch. This will reverse the operating direction of the door which protects the door from damage, as well as the object blocking the door.

The DWACCN is a pneumatic safety edge accessory set that is easy to install in combination with 1035DW. The 2 plastic stops are to be fitted at both ends of the rubber. The nipple needs to be inserted into the round chamber of the rubber via a small cut. The hose connects to the nipple and the other accessories.

With the introduction of this item, the old version, DWACC, will be phased out.


If you have any questions about these new products, please contact your local sales team.


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