We present to you our full range of residential and industrial door panels. Out of Italy, Spain, Poland, The Netherlands, and Turkey, we provide you the opportunity for a simple and efficient supply chain: One-stop-shop for hardware, automation and panels.

We keep stock of “third party door panels” and we distribute these efficiently to our customers. The advantage is clear: It is hard to keep stock of all panel variances that a door company needs to have available nowadays. Especially for garage doors where the number of colours and different surface finishes seem to be limitless. Panel producers like to produce to order, in bigger volumes per order. That is where FlexiForce steps in between you and the producer: Order in full packs, smaller quantities or in specified lengths at your local FlexiForce warehouse. We make it easy!

What we offer

Residential and Industrial panels

The main goal of offering a range of door panels to our customers is to enable them to compete flexibly and efficiently on their local or regional markets. Panel companies are strongly production-orientated, meaning that they produce panels to order, in the largest possible quantity per panel type.

FlexiForce has decided to buy panel in larger quantities at several panel producers and stock these to allow customers to buy any amount of panel, of any design and shape, in any length needed. We are convinced about the advantage for door companies, not only in efficiency and flexibility, but also in reducing the integral cost compared to buying panels directly at the producer.

Our standard residential panel range consists of residential (finger-safe) panels in a wide range of colours, finishes and lengths. Panel thickness 40mm. Panel heights 500m and 610mm. Any other length, height, finish, colour, thickness is available on request.

Industrial panels are available in a wide range of colours, finishes and lengths. Panel thickness 40mm. Panel heights 500mm and 610mm. For any other length, height, finish, colour, thickness, please send us a message!

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Pricing to fit your needs

All our panels are offered at three service/price levels:

  1. A single panel – cut-to-size – no minimal quantity
  2. A single panel- standard lengths – no minimal quantity
  3. A pack of panels – standard lengths (or on order lengths) – in packs of 18 similar panels

Of course you are free to place your orders profiting from all three levels: For example, buy three full packs (18 panels) of industrial 610mm panel in white length of 9.000mm (lowest price level), order 12 pieces of residential 500mm panel in anthracite, length 5.040mm (medium price level) and 4 pieces residential 500mm panels in red for a door you just sold (highest price level). Up to you!

Find all prices of our panels in the dedicated price list.

Meet our partners

Panel brands

Apart from our own panel offering from local stock, we work closely together with all independent panel suppliers in Europe and we partner with them in our CE-ITTR certification. Our partners are:

Want to know more about our panels and what we can do for you? Please don’t hesitate to send us a message, give us a call, or request a pricelist!

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