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FF Netherlands closed for Pentecostal
Due to Pentecostal, FlexiForce in the Netherlands is closed on Monday 25th of May. [22/05/15]

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As we have announced previously: FlexiForce introduces a line of 20mm hardware, perfectly matching the Epco 20mm panels and of course also our well known RSC(-T) track systems.… [21/05/15]

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20mm hardware for Epco panels. Stock availability and features
Shhh! Silent roller slides introduced
To reduce squeeking noises during door opening and closing, FlexiForce is now introducing two silent roller slides to be combined with different residential and industrial side hinges. Watch the Product Of Today movie on these new products. In stock… [14/05/15]

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Working for FlexiForce: Job offerings

FlexiForce EMEA is a dynamic and growing company, which means that our organizations are constantly being adapted to follow market demands and new developments. That is why we are now searching in FlexiForce Netherlands for a… [04/05/15]

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Work for FlexiForce!
5 x new (ISC) installation manuals
Our R&D department has recently been very busy creating five new manual for the ISC systems, covering the lift systems NL, HL, VL, FTR and FHL. All follow the recommended hardware selection. Alternative and specials will be made at this time. In… [22/04/15]

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The power of LOCAL!
As you know, the mission of FlexiForce is to support the small- to midsize door producers. Companies that produce roughly between 500-5.000-10.000 door per year. Offering the best possible services and products. To allow them to compete against big,… [15/04/15]

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Local door producers are stronger than they might think themselves!
Email change from .nl to .com
You may have already noticed, but we have made some changes in relation to the e-mail addresses that we use. Everyone within FlexiForce Netherlands has received another e-mail address. All .nl extensions are changed to .com and full names are used,… [23/03/15]

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