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Not everybody is able to visit all our companies, therefore we did a tour and made from each a short introductory movie. Have your own tour through Europe by watching the movies below. Of course you are invited to come and see the sites for… [11/05/16]

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IDA EXPO in Las Vegas, USA

We have said it before and we say it now: How wonderful it is to have a specific overhead door exhibition, once a year, concentrated in two days only! Instead of the European habit of stretching it up to even seven days. The chance to meet everyone… [02/05/16]

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USA 054 150


5% EXTRA DISCOUNT on your industrial hardware set if you order it with force industrial automation!!!  5% EXTRA DISCOUNT on your industrial hardware set, [20/04/16]

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Connecting traffic light to the forceIQ

From this week a new forceIQ accesory is available in our range of industrial e-parts: forceTL. The forceTL module makes it possible to use traffic lights for a two way route, when for instance there is no sight on the door from the entrance route,… [20/04/16]

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Manual RSC-T-2.0 now available!

Only a few more days until the official launch of our new and improved RSC-T-2.0 Tension Spring System! Earlier we showed you a video introducing this new system but want to know more? View the full and new installation manual below. Or download… [29/03/16]

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RSC-T-2.0 available from April 1st

End of 2014 we launched the first RSC-T tension spring system. After that, based on feedback from our customers, we immediately started the development of a phase 2.0 system. Now we are close to supplying you RSC-T-2.0. Up to a door weight of 126kg,… [18/03/16]

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Evolution movie UPDATED!

Evolution door automation offers you premium, stylish, state-of-art garage door openers. Powering from 500N, 600N, 800N up to 1000N. Advanced technology, silent operation, “green” energy use and an unbeaten performance reliability. [07/03/16]

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