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After the successful launch of the forceIQ control unit and force100XC, force100XQ and force140XQ industrial drives we are happy to inform you of an important upgrade to the product. … [11/08/14]

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New, stainless steel, square windows

We have improved and expanded our range of stainless steel square windows. The choice is now wider than ever before. … [23/07/14]

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New range of square stainless steel windows: Top Quality!
All there is to know about RSC-T Tension Springs
As you might know from earlier announcements, FlexiForce is introducing an addition to its successful RSC range of hardware for residential doors: RSC-T. [18/07/14]

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Available from September 1st: RSC-T tension spring system
Life span testing of tension springs
After a life long experience with torsion springs, now we are about to introduce RSC-T tension spring system after the summer (1-9-2014). Life span testing, relation testing and load testing is proving to us that we are 100% confident on quality and… [04/07/14]

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Tension spring testing movie: Proven quality!
Early arrival of stock: Sliding door hardware
With a planned launch to market of July 1st, we are happy to say that most of the important sliding door parts have already arrived in our stock in FlexiForce Netherlands.… [23/06/14]

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Sliding door parts have arrived in stock in FFNL

New! FLA1-LED flash light

When this new flash light is connected to a LiftMaster Garage Door Opener, Gate Opener, force100XQC or any other automation source, the light will flash when the door or gate is in motion. Provides an additional measure of safety to the… [20/06/14]

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New flash light for safer doors and gates. Soon in stock!
NEW manual on full vision reinforcement
A4ETR7200, A5TR7200 Epco full vision reinforcement. Two profiles that will reinforce the full vision sections made for Epco panels. The A4ETR top panel has a flange that provides connection to the A5TR strut. [11/06/14]

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