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Sometimes the design team just has too many great ideas and need some outside perspective to make the final decision.… [14/07/15]

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Winners: Core FlexiForce products going strong (video) 
There are many FlexiForce products that do not get a lot attention from us because they are already well-known and used by most of you. Products that clearly represent the core of what FlexiForce stands for: Good quality, reliability and… [01/07/15]

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First WINNERS video: 444 cable break device
This week you will receive our latest quarterly magazine, FlexiForce INFO#70, on your desk. In case you can’t wait to read it, we now already provide you the online version (click to read online)!  [26/06/15]

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FlexiForce INFO#70 is out now!
FlexiForce Spain explains panel service in clear video
FlexiForce Iberica made a video to explain exactly how their panel service will lower your costs while increasing your flexibility! View: … [24/06/15]

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Video explanation by FlexiForce Iberica on door panels
PRICES 2015-Q3: No major changes
By now all of our customers have received the new price list PRICES 2015-Q3 from us, valid for the third quarter. Despite further increase of the US-Dollar exchange rates, we have managed to keep most of our prices unchanged. There are some… [17/06/15]

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New price list per 1-7-2015
Getting personal: Team FlexiForce Hungary
The last couple of years have been full of changes and challenges for our team in FlexiForce Hungary. Now that the team is all under one new roof again, in one organisation with lots of new people in place, it is time to present to you our team in… [08/06/15]

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Getting personal; Presenting the Hungarian team members
As we have announced previously: FlexiForce introduces a line of 20mm hardware, perfectly matching the Epco 20mm panels and of course also our well known RSC(-T) track systems.… [21/05/15]

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20mm hardware for Epco panels. Stock availability and features
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