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Pre-Order the ISTT and the ISTT-GO now!

The ISTT is our new industrial spring tensioning tool operated by a power drill bitt. It’s specifically designed to make the tensioning of industrial springs a much easier job. Not only does it decrease the heavy physical aspect but it… [19/08/15]

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Now Available!!

Adjustable bottom bracket for garage doors.

There are different ways to fine-tune the cable length of garage doors. Now we offer a solution to people that prefer to adjust at the location of the bottom bracket.This adjustable bottom bracket is applicable for doors up to 160kgs, and can be… [11/08/15]

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We would like to remind you, that FlexiForce Hungary will be closed between 20th-23rd August due to bank holidays.[12/08/15]

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Performance Management at FFNL

Since May 2015 Flexiforce Barneveld has initiated a project called TOP (Performance Management). Goal for this project is to improve the quality of our business and work processes which is in line with the strategy of Continuous Improvement of our… [12/08/15]

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May we have your votes, please?

Sometimes the design team just has too many great ideas and need some outside perspective to make the final decision.… [14/07/15]

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Winners: Core FlexiForce products going strong (video) 
There are many FlexiForce products that do not get a lot attention from us because they are already well-known and used by most of you. Products that clearly represent the core of what FlexiForce stands for: Good quality, reliability and… [01/07/15]

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First WINNERS video: 444 cable break device
This week you will receive our latest quarterly magazine, FlexiForce INFO#70, on your desk. In case you can’t wait to read it, we now already provide you the online version (click to read online)!  [26/06/15]

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FlexiForce INFO#70 is out now!
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