Operate almost every industrial door with the universal Frequenz operators. Consisting of only 2 models, the Frequenz line can decrease the stock in drives significantly!

There can only be one good reason to introduce a new product in an already saturated industrial door openers market: Being convinced that this product offers unique new advantages that allow door companies and maintenance companies to improve their business. We are indeed convinced that Frequenz deserves a place in the market.



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  • Made in Germany, top quality through material selection and design
  • Two versions: 100Nm for doors up to 28m2 and 140Nm for door up to 48m2
  • Frequency convertor (FU) as standard feature: always to proper door speed at the right time. Including soft-start and soft-stop mode
  • Digital limit switches, easy to set up in the control system
  • Self-learning force sensing! Approved by TÜV and meeting all CE-demands. The opener learns which force is needed and it recognizes when it meets an obstacle. This means that no additional safety edge system is required. Ultimate safety and a clear cost saving for the installer
  • Manual override hand-chain
  • 230V power supply



The Frequenz operators are available in our catalogue here.

Door Automation Product Brochure

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