We would like to celebrate our 40 years in business by reflecting on our journey of growth, innovation and taking opportunities. Join us as we discover FlexiForce in a new way with #40YearsIn40Quotes. We created a book with 40 quotes about our FlexiForce and our innovations.

Each week, we will explore a new quote. Click the images for more information!

“In 1980 I started FlexiForce with the idea to provide standard overhead door hardware components to independent European door manufacturers, with short lead times, from a nearby warehouse. Supporting them in growing their business.”

“FlexiForce was first in applying high tension steel to industrial bearing plates. The tensile strength of this steel allowed for material and weight reductions. The needed expertise for reinforcement and tolerances formed a barrier for ‘low-cost-country-copies’.

“Local people, in local language, with local stock. That strategy proved to be key in the market penetration and success of FlexiForce.”

“In co-creation with an important customer, FlexiForce commercialized the cable break device as a vital safety component for industrial doors. By deliberately avoiding patenting this invention, FlexiForce also allowed third parties to increase safety on their own doors.”

“Being local, available, supportive and fast. These are our main assets, and this is what our customers in Central Europe adore. I noticed these characteristics right in the beginning after I joined to FlexiForce and I believe that our success is still based on these as the formula is quite easy: „People are selling to people and people are buying from people!”

“Innovation is often no more than connecting existing products into one new solution. FlexiForce took the USA-based tube shaft and the key-way technology of solid shafts and, in cooperation with a shaft producer, merged these into a new type of shaft: saving material while adding strength.”

“When in 2005 the new European safety legislation and CE-norms came into place, FlexiForce, set up a wide program for ‘cascading’ the Initial Type Testing Reports. All customers could easily join and apply for CE. This saved the ‘assembly industry’.”

“I’m very proud to be part of the history of FlexiForce. It was in 2004 that I invited Bert and Frank to consider starting a local subsidiary in Spain. Today it is a strong base for FlexiForce in the Iberian market. In 15 years, I have gained weight and I have lost hair, but I would like to thank our loyal customers and friends for our success and cooperation.”

“When FlexiForce decided to develop a European range of cable drums, increasing door safety was the first priority. With two safety windings on a drum, the exerted force on the lifting cable connection reduces by 90%. Still the safest solution today!”

“As one of the first ‘Fully Owned Foreign Enterprises’ FlexiForce China started out of a typical hotel room in Wuxi. We all learned by doing. We conquered cultural differences, local bureaucracy, import laws, lack of infrastructure and more. But we did build an impressive presence in China. Thanks to all who supported!”

“Once Frans Meijer decided to start producing torsion springs, FlexiForce soon came up with the concept of shot peening the springs, increasing the lifespan with 40%. Coating in RAL5014 (blue-grey) gave these springs their signature appearance and market recognition. The sales volume exploded.”

“We aimed to make FlexiForce the ‘Apple’ in the overhead door industry.”

“After several years of finetuning our residential hardware system approach, with RSC we introduced a residential system that allowed customers a choice in almost unlimited configurations. Buying components, track sets or even complete hardware sets in flatbed packaging.”

“The Italian door business was highly fragmented when, together with the founders, I saw a gap in the market for a supplier like FlexiForce. Times change but the underlying fundamentals remain the same: supporting our local customers in growing their business!”

“From being a client already back in 1987 until today as general manager IDD-Parts, I recognize the crystal clear strategy of FlexiForce: helping our customers to compete on a professional level in their home markets. A strong ‘together we can make it’ attitude.”

“The application of tension springs arrived rather late in sectional garage doors. The challenge with tension springs was in easy installation, maximal possible door weight and in conforming to the CE safety rules. FlexiForce introduced RSC-T with a double spring-in-spring solution. Unique in configuration and in door weight application.”

“We have 40 years of success and learning behind us with a reputation built from doing the right thing. This knowledge, coupled with our market position and global alliances, will launch us forward into another 40 successful years. The future is very bright for FlexiForce!”

“Inspiration Center: a place where marketing, sales, R&D teams and customers come together to share new ideas and needs, learn about application of products, brainstorm on innovations. With the freedom to ‘think outside the box’, following Einstein’s quote: ‘We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’.”

“When in 2007 FlexiForce added automation products to the range, the one-stop-shop advantages for our customers became evident. Today our range in industrial and residential operators and accessories confirm the power of that business model.”

“It takes courage to look at how to improve a commercialized, long existing product. The FlexiForce R&D-team that developed the new 672M proves that taking a product apart and re-defining material, form and function lead to a compact, easy to install innovation!”

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