We would like to celebrate our 40 years in business by reflecting on our journey of growth, innovation and taking opportunities. Join us as we discover FlexiForce in a new way with #40YearsIn40Quotes. We created a book with 40 quotes about our FlexiForce and our innovations.

Each week, we will explore a new quote. Click the images for more information!

“I have always been excited by the torsion spring product. The technical part, the production part and also in talking to customers on how FlexiForce springs could add to their business ambitions. Closing a long-term deal with a customer is always a satisfying part of this passion for springs.”

“Modern smartphone technology is available today to any overhead door mechanic. That means that with the SpringTime app, the smart phone becomes a potential tool in supporting the ‘guy-on-site’ with installation advice, spring recognition, built-in dimension tools and new product information.”

“So far it has been a real pleasure to further professionalize and develop FlexiForce Poland into a reliable and efficient partner for our customers in Poland and surrounding countries. Our team works together with the FlexiForce engineers in developing innovative and trendsetting products that provide our customers with competitive advantages.”

“Tensioning big torsion springs has since history been done with two iron bars. Making it a job with health and safety risks. Not only dangerous, but also with possible long-term muscle injuries for the mechanic. ISTT is clearly a safe, time-saving and healthy innovation, leaving the hard part to a powered drill bit.”

“With themes like ‘There’s always something cookin’ at FlexiForce’ or ‘Time to RETHINK’ everything, FlexiForce aims to be noticed on international exhibitions. To see our USA-booth being crowded by people playing games on our garage-door-parts-foosball-table was a moment of major attention and appreciation!”

“From the start of FlexiForce up till today, the French market has been very important. This year we open a local sales office and warehouse in the region Rhône-Alpes, clearly confirming our dedication to optimise our service to our loyal customers in this market. I am proud to become part of that mission now.”

“I am convinced that the success of FlexiForce is based on deep technical know-how on all the aspects of an overhead door. This leads to innovations like the state-of-the-art low head room system (LHR), which is equipped with all the smart systems of the ISC hardware platform. Innovation is still driving us today!”

“From the early days, as employee number four, until my retirement in 2013 I was involved in the development of FlexiForce, from a small supplier into a market leader in hardware. Thirty years of customer dedication and having fun. I congratulate the current FlexiForce team and wish everybody the best for the future!”

“With the professionalization of the European door market came the need for a more flexible and efficient supply chain of hardware sets. ISC is the answer of FlexiForce to a growing need for online configuration and outsourced production of complete hardware sets that are easy to install, even by less experienced door mechanics.”

“In my geographic location we feel to be on the edge of where Europe transforms into Asia. This provides FlexiForce Turkey with a unique position to serve and develop customers in Turkey, but also in the Middle East and the Central Asia region. Despite economical ups-and-downs and exchange rate challenges, we manage to grow with our customers confirming our role in this market.”

“As long as we keep focusing on the market drivers – convenience, security, safety, sustainability, design – we will continue to innovate. Improving products on these market drivers brings needed value to our customers.”

“It is great to be part of a team and company that is now already for 40 years a real power brand in the overhead door industry. I am looking forward to being a part of the FlexiForce future, where we will continue to create unmatched customer experiences.”

“We have always wondered why the inside of a garage door often has an industrial, very technical appearance. With ‘Elegance’, FlexiForce answers to the latent demand of homeowners to have a garage door with a new design, look and feel. Making the inside of the door as beautiful as the outside appearance.”

“The new factory in Debrecen was a big step for FlexiForce. The high production volumes in configure-to-order hardware sets for garage doors and industrial doors, in combination with the OEM-customer demands on flexibility and quality made it a challenge. I am happy to have become part of the solution in making this a highly efficient production facility. Together with the teams we introduced LEAN-processes and improved on quality and output.”

“With an early innovation, FlexiForce brought safety to the industrial doors with the introduction of the spring break device. This product has been improved and upgraded many times, including patented solutions for residential doors (656S) with click-installation and most recent innovation: 672M.”

“Aluminum profiles for making full-vision sections have been in our product range for a long time. More recently, we added the service to pre-assemble complete full-vision sections for our customers. Then we introduced a sharp, attractive and economical concept with the Reflection full-vision system. And now, most recently, we improved the energy efficiency of our sections by introducing Reflection Thermal Break. An ongoing evolution.”

“Based on market demand, FlexiForce decided to start-up a local presence in the southeast of the USA. Being an integral part of the Canadian business for 32 years, I took the opportunity to move with my family to help building FlexiForce USA Inc in Peachtree. Today we are proud of our success and we are excited about our bright future in the southeast.”

“We were convinced that we could improve an already very successful core product, the FFNL12 cable drum. The new drum, FFNL13, contains more cable capacity. This results in a higher application range (door opening < 4.014 mm) but thanks to smart material use, in a lower price. That is what innovation should bring!”

“Customer feedback is valuable in any innovation project. In the end, our customers confirm that we have developed the right solution. A solution in which they recognize their own vital, initial input in our product developments.”

“We are still committed to our initial strategy: supporting the small and midsized door companies in competing in their local or regional market. Tell us what more you need from FlexiForce to grow your business!”

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