Join us as we explore a new quote each week, reflecting on 40 years of innovation!

“At my arrival I started to improve our marketing communication to a level where it would match with the market leading, innovative position of FlexiForce. By listening to customers, being transparent, informing through upgraded INFO-magazines, being first in applying new marketing tools like social media, we aimed to make FlexiForce the ‘Apple’ in the overhead door industry.” – Frank Goedhart, general manager EMEA and marketing director (1999-2016)

Over the years, FlexiForce has used all kinds of different tools in order to stay connected to the customers.

We launched our INFO-magazine, loaded with product news and updates, new business developments and interviews with colleagues. Next to this, we started building our presence on social media, where customers can stay updated and most importantly, communicate with us easily. All of this contributed to the goal of making FlexiForce the ‘Apple’ of the overhead door industry.


For this week of celebrating 40 years of innovation, we would like to share a part of Frank’s article he wrote for the 25th anniversary of FlexiForce, which is just as relevant today:

“On March 1 2005 FlexiForce has celebrated its 25th anniversary. Over 150 people work hard at the development, manufacture, assembly, purchasing and selling of more than thousand different products and sets, supplying door manufacturers in more than 40 countries worldwide.

A lot has changed in 25 years. We have experienced enormous growth, together with our customers. One thing has remained unchanged, and that is our mission:

To supply our customers, door manufacturers in Europe and beyond, with innovative and high quality products. Important to this is the focus on continuous reduction of the total costs, linked to intensive support in legislation, market knowledge and the application of our products.

We thank our present scale of operations to our customers. We want to continue to grow with these customers towards a promising future for both parties.”


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