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“The Italian door business was highly fragmented when, together with the founders, I saw a gap in the market for a supplier like FlexiForce. Times change but the underlying fundamentals remain the same: supporting our local customers in growing their business!” – Julio Gonzalez, Managing Director FlexiForce Italy (2006- today)

It was in July 2006 that Julio joined FlexiForce as an account manager for the Italian market. Within the following year he started our subsidiary in Italy: FlexiForce Italia in Alfianello, in the Brescia province. Since then, our turnover and number of customers has increased rapidly, showing that this local approach really pays off.

This week, we’d like to share a small part of an old interview with Julio about his opinion of the Italian market and his view on product- and market developments at FlexiForce: still relevant today!



How did you came to work for FlexiForce?

During my travels throughout Europe in the operator business, I discovered that the Italian overhead door market was still very much maturing compared to other European countries in terms of production, and I saw possibilities for opportunity. I suppose that you could say that both my personal and FlexiForce’s ambitions met at the right place. It is a pleasure to work in such a fast, organized and efficient environment and I am very aware of the fact that we have the products and the people to increase awareness of the overhead door, increasing product knowledge, improving the quality of the final product whilst improving safety standard through the collaboration we have with the CE ITTR reports.

Why was it important for FlexiForce to open a subsidiary in Italy?

Well, the obvious advantage is for the customer. Being closer to the customer helps enormously, not only with financial advantages for the customer by increasing order frequency, reduction of their own inventory and reducing the transport costs. Add to that the option for rush orders and more flexibility in doing business in their own language or dialect. And also increasing awareness on more specific issues like safety, innovation, new product implementation and all round efficiency. The closer you are to the customer, the easier it is to get your point across and listen to what they need in their specific situation.

How is the Italian market different from other markets in Europe?

I guess that the Italian market differs in the small complimentary aspects or moreover its attention to detail. We go back again to the products ‘Made in Italy’ and the main Italian sectors: fashion, gastronomy and design; and we can see a trend developing. The door market follows this same trend. More demand for proper designed windows, locks, panel finishes, covering of technical parts, etc… I would describe it as a hyperactive market filled with innovation and beauty. Exactly how I would like to think of FlexiForce Italy!


Take a look at the following video, where Julio shows us more of FlexiForce Italy:


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