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“The application of tension springs arrived rather late in sectional garage doors. The challenge with tension springs was in easy installation, maximal possible door weight and in conforming to the CE safety rules. FlexiForce introduced RSC-T with a double spring-in-spring solution. Unique in configuration and in door weight application.”

Next to the torsion spring systems for garage doors, FlexiForce has introduced RSCT-2.0, a residential door system with tension springs. We are offering a unique solution, where the (double) tension springs are integrated into the vertical track system. Unique is the minimal drive through opening height of the system, easy installation and reduction of components.


Applying tension springs in comparison to torsion springs has the following advantages:

  • No shaft-system, so less parts
  • Simplified installation
  • Pre-assembling in the vertical track-set
  • Lower prices

FlexiForce has designed a unique spring-in-spring system, which has been approved according to the related CE-demands. A door is being tensioned with 4 tension springs. The system is available for door sizes up to 4.5000 x 2.5000 mm with a maximal weight of 126 kg.

We have updated our TSC tension spring sets to improve quality, design and ease of installation. Our proven design with aluminum casted spring plugs to connect inner and outer springs, has been upgraded. Now the bottom connection is redesigned to consist of one single casted part leading to a more solid construction and easier installation on site. It adds to the stylish impression of the spring sets, offering a high quality product for the tension spring door configurations!


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