Join us as we explore a new quote each week, reflecting on 40 years of innovation!

“I am inspired daily to be a part of this dedicated team, so focused on improving our customer’s experience and the growth that follows such an endeavor. We have 40 years of success and learning behind us with a reputation built from doing the right thing. This knowledge, coupled with our market position and global alliances, will launch us forward into another 40 successful years. The future is very bright for FlexiForce!” – Chris Thomas, general manager FlexiForce North America (2015 – today)

Over the years, FlexiForce has made a lot of progress in the USA and Canada. In 2006 we welcomed a sales representative for these markets, to gather more information and to define which products and services could be provided for the US domestic door assembling industry. This proved to be a great success as the demand in this market was steadily growing. After the opening of our distribution center in Illinois, we created valuable opportunities to supply our products overseas. As demand grew, FlexiForce North America settled its headquarters in Abbotsford by acquisition of Helton Industries.

For an impression of FlexiForce North America, you can take a look at the video below.


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